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Finally humankind realised the potential of using available information to enhance our daily living.

One place, one app, one solution.

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Once you go TriponX, you never go back.

Steven Mclaren Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Australia


Not only do I save a small forture every time I use it, I get real-time info in a matter of seconds about every shop / restaurant nearby.

It’s a world-class game changer!

Michael Brown Professional Wrestler, York, UK

This app is not only fun and useful, it changed my life completely.

I use it when travelling abroad and even just for fun while commuting.

Thanks a million TriponX!

Alexandra McDoe Banker, New-York, USA

Frequenty Asked Questions

It's fun, easy and intuitive...Let us show you around

What is TriponX?

Simply put, TriponX is Real-Time, Location Based,
Discount & Coupons Oriented, But Not Only – App For Both Locals & Tourists

How much does it cost ?


Yes, really…FREE! :)

Why should I use it?

Well, let us ask you this…Do you like living?

TriponX enables you to be instantly informed & connected to businesses, discounts and people around your location, like never before.

It’s a dynamic, smart and intuitive location-based service for all to us, and on top if it all – Completely free.

OK, Sounds good...What's Next?

Download, Install, Open & Fly.

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